As the owner of Blind Brow Bar, Rocky Owens is the perfect blend of East meets West. She has lived on both coastlines and traveled internationally, developing a natural yet avant-garde style.

Rocky's journey to becoming an expert in eyebrow shaping and makeup makes her a true leader in beauty. As a child, Rocky aspired to perform and create works of art in film. She followed her dreams of working in film after graduating college. During her 5 years in NYC, she worked as a producer in video post-production. Her love for silent films and the 1920's has inspired Blind Brow Bar's speakeasy/Art Deco theme. While film satisfied her dream of collaborating with artists to create meaningful works of art, something was missing. She needed to create art with her hands. Having struggled with skin issues as a teen, she became skilled in makeup. Aveda Institute New York nurtured her natural talent for brow shaping, makeup and interest in internal health. After graduating and working at a fast paced brow bar, she traveled to South America to teach women about safe self-care practices. Her desire to explore and follow her art brought her to California, which facilitated a deep appreciation for nature. Surrounded by so much natural beauty, it was the final piece needed in curating her overall esthetic.