Client Reviews

"I am so hesitant to write this review for Rocky b/c selfishly I don't want to share her BUT she's amazing and deserves mad props for her skills and customer service.

I had been growing my eyebrows out for a while, and was getting super frustrated at how patchy they were looking. Rocky quickly assessed my situation and stated she could help me get to where I want if i stuck w/ her. Sure enough - after the first visit, my brows looked amazing! She took before and after pics so I could truly the see difference. I came back the second time, and she made the brows look even BETTER. I swear - these are the best my brows have ever looked, and i am so grateful for Rocky's perfectionist skills. I also absolutely LOVE her personality - she's fun, easy to talk to and really cares." -Divya C.
"Obsessed with Rocky. I was getting my brows done at Boom Boom Brow Bar in NYC and couldn't find anything close in SF until I had the luck of running into Rocky at Blink. She's thoughtful, skilled and a brow perfectionist. I walk out every time loving the way I look - each visit my brows seem to get better." -Katie C.